Abiquiu Reservoir

Addie and I had a fun time rolling down to Abiquiu reservoir in New Mexico last weekend. It was quasi-impromptu – my sister-in-law had informed us she was doing an open water swim, but I kind of wrote off any camping trip this year because of my son’s age. Another factor was our camping trailer can not reasonably sleep two adults, two kids, and a dog.

But, throwing caution to the wind, Addie and I decided to trek down ourselves. Mom and Briggs stayed home with Rusty. We were rewarded with relatively mild weather and beautiful sunsets.

Sun setting low on the horizon, with a nice reflection of that in the lake in the foreground.

I also went down to try and do a solo field day activation, but honestly the airwaves were so crazy clogged with field day activity I didn’t find it much fun. I made maybe 6-7 QSOs.

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