Digital Texture/Sheen/Grit

I am thinking about machine powered simulations again, particularly those of the malevolent variety. If a hostile alien species, or hyper-intelligent artificial intelligence enslaved all of humanity akin to The Matrix, would you really be able to tell? Could they simulate things down to the nittiest, grittiest, most mundane detail?

For example, would they remember to account for dust in weird places on your desk and other living spaces? Fingerprints on metal finishes in the elevator? An errant piece of trash caught in between blades of grass in an open space? The scuffs in the paint on a wall that you almost don’t notice on a given day? And most importantly, would we, as the simulation’s potential inhabitants, be confident enough to question when something felt off?

Is there a finishing top-coat to reality that can’t be simulated due to the complexity involved? Or is it being simulated right now?