Amateur Radio

I am an FCC licensed amateur radio operator. I currently operate with a General class license (since 2016); I made the upgrade from technician class in 2023.

My callsign is KN0VAK (can you guess why?), and I was previously KD2LNP.

You might hear me occasionally on the Colorado Astronomy Net, Tuesdays @ 7PM MT utilizing Rocky Mountain Radio League Repeater UHF 449.450. I am also a member of the Castle Rock Repeater Group.

current setup: Xiegu G90 into a 66’ EFHW antenna (using a TennTennas 49:1 transformer). Looking to experiment with dipoles soon. I max out at 20w with the Xiegu but otherwise it has been a great starter rig in my opinion: it really forces me to be mindful of antenna design and placement.

QSL card. The photo is not really from Castle Rock, CO – it’s a scenic ridge I came across when hiking in Indian Peaks Wilderness (adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park). I have a limited amount of these QSL cards; when they run out, I’m making a new design. If for some reason we have made a confirmed contact and I neglected to send you one of these, please email me or send me your own QSL card first (indicate it is a “PSE QSL”, please!).