Revisiting Music Licensing

I’ve played around with releasing my music in different ways before. There was the time I put some music on for free download, or the time I put an album on torrent sites willingly… but music distribution is not the same as licensing.

Creative Commons always struck me as a fantastic force for good. Instead of reserving all rights to my music, I can explicitly list what rights are not reserved. Even better that they make it easy using a license-choosing tool so you can get assistance choosing the correct format for a given release.

I think with the advent of something like radio free fedi, I need to revisit my licensing choices. All of my music is currently freely available on Bandcamp (and of course – purchases are appreciated). But I have work to do in terms of making it known that these releases are open for remix and commercial use, as long as I’m credited – the powerful CC-BY-SA license. I’m going to work on updating my existing releases and being more vocal about this for future releases.