A Free Studio: Music Production Tools for Zero Cost

Need to start with music or audio production and have no clue where to begin? This is probably the most comprehensive resource I’ve found for free tools. It’s called A Free Studio, and it’s a list of free software organized neatly between DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), instruments, effects plugins, and more. If you need to get your mind wrapped around different music production concepts, this is the best way to play with stuff at no cost.

On that note – shout out to Tyrell N6, one of my favorite free software synthesizers. It’s listed in the “Virtual Analog Synthesizers” portion of A Free Studio. N6 was something I leveraged early on until I bought a slew of software synths, in addition to a cycle of different hardware synths.

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  1. @knovak It opens crazy for me. Is the link good?