Torreys Peak by way of Kelso Ridge

I did my first 14er (14,000 foot mountains, the term typically refers to those found in Colorado). It was Torreys Peak, but I was coaxed into doing it the semi-hard way: by taking the Class 3 route over Kelso Ridge. It was a fun time with a little bit of scrambling over scree fields, a few areas where some climbing was involved, and one sketchy trip over a small knife’s edge. Unfortunately, although we got to celebrate at the top, it was short lived because some weather rolled in. My intention was to run down the saddle between Torreys Peak and Grays Peak, but things weren’t looking good so I scrapped the double peak bag.

white guy standing on top of a mountain holding a sign that says "Torreys Peak / 14,267 ft" giving the thumbs up sign