Underdelivered Games

Twice this year, I have been burned by a game being released in an abysmal state by game developers.

The first one was Kerbal Space Program 2; to be fair, this one was released as early access, so I knew the risks going in. However, even for an early access game, it was fairly barebones and the performance was not great.

My second game of utmost desire this year was Cities Skylines 2. It unfortunately was also released in a poor state, unplayable due to performance issues on many PCs. The game was poorly optimized on launch day.

Why is this always the case now? Is it because developers know that people will buy these games anyway? (KSP2 was one of the only games I’ve ever returned on Steam; I never ended up buying CS:2)

Oh well, I still have Starfield. That’s been fine, mostly.