New Website (again)

Well, I’ve finally given into temptation and a few other factors and switched my website to something a little more manageable. So instead of having to browse through endless lines of code to get something done on my website now, I can just let WordPress do all the work for me. Pretty sweet I guess, but I don’t think it will ever replace the soul of my old website. Anyhow, I’m still manageing the switchover so some things are still a little weird. My site root ( is probably temporary at the moment. This theme has a few tweaks I need to put it through yet. But still, it feels good not to have to code this stuff anymore (as the person who helped me set this blog up, Flowsion, had said, it sucks having to reinvent the wheel).

So besides working on this site migration I’m fairly the same. In about 3 weeks time, my brother and I will be in Michigan with our sister, for a week. Musically things have been a little dry, but that happens. Looking forward to some new prospects though, we’ll see how they all pan out (this entire sentence feels inspired by a gold rush).

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