My trip to Michigan

I went to Michigan last week, sort of. It definitely started out on the wrong foot – my brother and I were supposed to get on this one flight out of Philadelphia International Airport, but it got cancelled. That wasn’t before we were stuck on the plane on the runway for a good 4 hours, at least (no exaggeration!). The airport gave us hotel and meal vouchers because there weren’t any flights left that night, so we made our way to a hotel… only to be told that since I was under 21, I couldn’t register a hotel room in Pennsylvania. Totally stupid considering I have done it in other states before. So we cross a bustling highway with our luggage and go to a shadier hotel which took us, no questions asked… it was nice, even if the elevator smelt a bit funky. The next day, we got on another flight after waiting in the airport for 6 hours (met the coolest dude ever however). That flight gets delayed for an hour or two before we finally get in the air.

It was nice to finally get into Michigan (Detroit Int.), even if it was at like 11PM. Went to Cedar Point the next morning with a bunch of Liz’s friends, it was a nice 2 hour drive with some total strangers. Had a good time there, even if I wussed-out of a lot of the roller coasters. The next day was filled with packing mostly all day, with a going-away dinner for my sister that night. The next day was pack, pack, pack some more, now with a truck we had to load. It was a long, long two days, and the next day wasn’t anything to scoff at either. Close to 12 hours on the highway (a 10 hour drive + 2 hours simply because the truck maxed out around 65MPH and like 55 up hills). I drove most of that, too, I’d say about 9 of those hours were mine.

Anyway, it’s nice to be home now, my sister has been doing job interviews in New Jersey, and I’ve been toying around with electronics, because I got a whole crapload of parts in the mail while I was 500 miles away.

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