Thomas and the Skank Engines Tour: Day One

If you haven’t heard already through our many facebook events and status updates, my band Thomas and The Skank Engines are on tour! We are using our spring break this semester to play a lot of shows in Pennsylvania. Tonight was our first night out on the road. Our destination was a small venue in Bloomsburg, PA. A few bands opened for us (Kandosii was awesome), and we played our set which went over very well. Our EP was flying off the shelf like hot cakes at that gig, it was a really awesome feeling. After packing up our cars and vans, we headed out for bari sax player Jamie’s house, where I am currently writing this post up. It was a very awesome start to our tour. Our next show isn’t for a few days so I am planning on stopping home since its only about an hour away. The More Waves than you Know What to Do With tour will continue this Wednesday when we play in Reading, PA. Make sure to check us out if you’re in the area.

As the week goes on I’ll continue to update my blog and hopefully I will have  a few pictures up. Peace, love, and unity!

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