Thomas and the Skank Engines Tour: Day Six

Acoustic show
A flyer for one of the Skank Engine shows

Finally, the tour has kicked off (as our last show was on Saturday night)! Our second and third shows of our “More Waves Than You Know What To Do With” Tour were acoustic shows, meaning we had to switch our sound up a bit. I rocked out on some djembe with Brian on his strange irish drum. Guitar became acoustic, and the bass and the horns pretty much stayed the way they are, except Tom sang and played bass as Blake played violin. Overall it was a very interesting switch, but i’m glad I can start rocking out on a drumset for our next two shows. My hands are starting to feel the wrath of my djembe playing.

In between Saturday’s show in Bloomsburg and Tuesday, I went home and visited the family. I also took Kerns home and back to campus on Monday. We stayed there for a night before finally meeting up with the rest of the band again. They were getting lonely without their percussionists. Crazy parties did ensue.

Excited for a show in Philadelphia tomorrow. If anyone is in the area and wants to check us out, see this Facebook event for more details: Philly Show

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