How to: Enable Belkin N150 (F7D1101) on Ubuntu Linux

I recently moved my PC into a different room, where it would be hard to run an ethernet cable. Instead I opted for a USB wireless card that would hopefully work out of the box. Well, I didn’t really get my pick of the litter when I shopped for the card at Target, so I settled for a Belkin N150 Wireless Adaptor (aka F7D1101). I was sad because while the device came with drivers on a CD (For windows), my DVD drive is busted currently. So I searched for a workaround. For those of you also experiencing a similar issue, here is the solution:

This post from Ubuntu Forums contains the golden ticket. Follow the instructions to the letter and it will work for you as well. Just as a note, I used a USB flash drive to download the firmware and move it to my Ubuntu system. I’m now updating my system using my N150. Awesome!

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