Recently (February, 2013)

I’m not quite sure if any of this can be considered exciting in any way, but I decided that I have a blog, so I may as well use it.

  • After discovering Codeacademy a month ago, I went through all of the Javascript exercises. Now I have begun learning Python — the hard way
  • Been spending a decent bit of time editing video for work in addition to the normal amounts of audio. Discovering the joys and pains of Final Cut X (seems to be “iMovie+”).Shadow on the wall
  • I have been playing Planetside 2, perhaps an unhealthy amount.
  • Been developing Single Dad Becoming Rad for David Band. It may appear to be just another WordPress blog, but I’ve made a lot of tweaks in the code!

A new goal is to practice guitar more; I’ll be borrowing a practice amp from a friend soon enough, which should give me more motivation on that front. All in all, I think 2013 is the year of learning. Perhaps even moreso than any of the years I spent in college, I have a strong desire to learn and refine my skills. It’s not like there is much going on in this town



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