Multireddits are cool and you should use them!

Anyone who knows me probably knows I have a account. I’ve had it since 2009, but I’ve really only started using it after I got out of college (probably the opposite of most people). Anyway, the developers have been talking about some new features lately, one of which is the “multireddit” feature – a way to easily combine multiple “subreddits” into a nice, easy to access package.

For me, this is very cool, because I frequent a lot of low-traffic subreddits related to audio engineering or music production. Now, instead of bouncing around all of them, I can roll them into a single multi (sounds counterintuitive) and access all the latest and greatest content with one easy click.

I’m unsure, but I think the developers are rolling out the feature slowly for everyone, and it may be a Reddit-Gold only feature once its out of beta. But so far I am enjoying it. Here are two multireddits I’ve created: Audio (a combination of r/audioengineering, r/audio, r/audiopost, r/locationsound, and r/gameaudio) & Production (a combination of r/WeAreTheMusicMakers and r/edmproduction). I will probably also roll together some of my film/videography subs soon too.

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