My First Docker Image – MastodonReposter

Quick update to my previous post, embedded below:

Using and Docker to fix an issue I had with Akkoma

The good news is I was able to clean up the code in my Github page, and then build it into a clean Docker image which I then published onto the Docker Hub as novakeith/mastodonreposter. I had to use a custom build profile to build both a Linux/ARM64 image and a Linux/AMD64, due to the fact that I created it on an M1 Macbook Pro, meaning it defaulted to ARM64.

I spun it up on my home server using the Docker AMD64 build, so with any luck, you’ll see this post appear in your Mastodon and Akkoma feeds, provided you follow me via (Pleroma/Akkoma users will need to follow @novakeith to get the posts in their feed).

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