A house shaped like a shoe in Hellam township, PA

Hellam, PA Shoe House

The PA state historical society has designated the Haines Shoe House as a historically significant place in Pennsylvania. This is something I’ve driven by multiple times, and my wife grew up in the area and has visited it multiple times. Per the article:

The Shoe House was built in 1948 along the iconic Lincoln Highway, the nation’s first improved road for automobiles from New York City to San Francisco. The building is an exceptional example of programmatic architecture and was designed by York architect Frederick Rempp. The shoe-shaped structure was built by self-made millionaire Mahlon N. Haines, the “Shoe Wizard,” to advertise his shoe business in York.

I think the other interesting point in that blurb is that Lincoln Highway is the first improved road for automobiles in the United States. Today it runs from New York to California under a variety of different route designations.

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