100 Days of Indie Web 2023 – #10

This marks post number ten for the 100 days experiment, and we are at January 28th when this is published. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, here are some interesting dates:

  • If you wrote one post every day starting on New Years Day, for 2023 your last day would be April 10th. This is the day after Easter this year.
  • If you wrote every other day, your final post for the 100 days of Indie Web project would be July 19th.
  • If you go every three days between posts, your last day would be October 27th.
  • If you messed up your timing and went every four days for some reason, and assuming a January 1st start, you would overshoot New Years Eve 2023 by 35 days, landing you at February 4th.
  • Finally, the last day you could start this project and stay in the same calendar year (not that this is a requirement): September 22nd.

Since we are talking about dates, don’t forget there is an annular solar eclipse in 2023, specifically October 14th. Thanks for reading, maybe I will do another check in at post #20.

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