Protected Areas of Colorado

I wanted a big map of all the different protected areas in Colorado – think National Parks, State Parks, Wilderness areas, etc. I could not find such a map, at least one that is easy to use or view. So I made it with Google Maps. You can view it here: Protected Areas of Colorado

A note on Google: I am finding myself de-googling my life more and more these days, but they really have the market cornered on high quality, easy to use and edit mapping tools. There is a lot more I want to do with this map, I just took a break from it for a while… if there are other mapping tools I can use to get this job done, let me know and I’ll move my project there.

Coming up next, I’ll be making a text based version of all of this (i’d really like a checklist so I can cross things off as I visit them); but for now, you can view the Wikipedia article which I mostly lifted all of this information from.

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