I’ve been playing around the last few days with GoToSocial, which is a federated social media application that implements ActivityPub. The good so far: things feel like they load way snappier, and I can outright see the CPU/RAM overhead for running the server software is much lighter than when I played with Mastodon and even my Akkoma instance.

The big downside so far is that the devs say this software is in alpha, and in some ways, it shows: There are not any account portability tools available, so I had to hack my way through importing my follow list from my akkoma instance. It also means I can’t officially mark my GtS account as a migration endpoint for my akkoma account in case I ever wanted to make the switch permanently. Right now, I’m running both accounts side by side.

Setup is stupidly simple and the command line tools that are provided currently are well documented. The devs are currently working towards a 1.0 release – you can track progress on their GitHub.

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