Download your Bandcamp Collection

That is a recommendation, not a directive. But with all the enshittification going on with digital services and social media recently, I thought it was prudent that I went through and grabbed all the stuff I previously paid for, for a number of reasons:

  1. I like having it saved locally in the event I lose internet access
  2. Plex has a pretty good music player for PlexPass subscribers (lifetime member here); and adding the music to my Plex library means I get the benefit of smart playlists
  3. Bandcamp is a union busting entity and I don’t wish to support them as a primary music service going forward, thus, I will take what is mine and exit.

OK, but how? Some folks have thousands of albums in their Bandcamp collection. I am currently sitting somewhere in the 200s so it’s pretty manageable. I used this Tampermonkey script in Firefox to give myself the tools to do a mass download. You edit one variable per file (your bandcamp user name & what format you want to download in) and then it takes care of the rest. Make sure you allow to open new tabs on your behalf in Firefox.

Done. Transferred multiple days worth of music to my local NAS.

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