My Own Great Plex Music Rating Project

I’ve been using Plexamp again pretty heavily. It’s a great perk of having a lifetime PlexPass.

Plexamp, dark mode, showing a song by AFX rated as 3 stars.

Being the at-some-points motivated individual person I am, I have been tweaking a few smart playlists (using filters such as “Never Played” + “Record Label” to get unheard to me tracks from a certain label, etc.), but I was looking for a way to get really damn good songs all together into a super mix. It would transcend genres and probably be great for road trips.

But, unfortunately, taste is subjective. So now I’m going through and rating each song in my Plex library on a scale from 1-5 stars, with half star ratings available. I was partially inspired by Dan Hentschel’s blog post about the same initiative, although I’m approach rating differently.

At my current rate, it’s going to take… a very long time. Listening and rating are very involved activities; I can “listen” to a lot of music and probably have this project done in half a year, but if I’m not attentive, I won’t be giving an authentic rating. I can just rate everything based on a general sense of the album, or a music review rating, but that won’t be authentic either. I’m going song by song, as well as giving an overall album rating.

Plexamp says I have 2 months, 19 days left of unplayed music. That also assumes everything I’ve heard has been rated, which is probably not the case since I only started doing this recently. I’ll be at this for a while if I can get a few hours worth of listening in a day.

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