Bookmark Roundup – January

In which I dump a bunch of cool stuff I’ve found via my random browsing, the fediverse, or things people have sent to me.

  • Inside .git – what lives inside the .git folder, anyway? Courtesy of Julia Evans.
  • PancakesCon – I heard about this last year but it got lost in the shuffle. 100% virtual cybersecurity / hacking conference, geared towards students and young professionals. Spearheaded by Lesley Carhart.
  • Comes with MP3s – “an electic, playlist-free radio show made by people who love to discover and share new music” – good enough for me
  • FreeTaxUSA – do your taxes without getting gouged by TurboTax prices. I used it for the first time this year and it is just as easy, if not easier in some ways, than the TurboTax walkthrough method. (#1 reason I love it is it doesn’t have all the fake ‘Calculating’ screens that TurboTax does to make you think there are some crazy calculations going on behind the scenes)
  • – A visual programming environment built on top of Pure-Data. Can be used stand alone, or as a plugin for your DAW!
  • – remember Well, here is a way to do it via your Plex server, and integrate your scrobbles to Listenbrainz (part of the “Musicbrainz” family of projects).
  • Less than reputable retailers are using AI to create product listings on Amazon. “I Cannot Fulfill This Request It Goes Against OpenAI Use Policy”
  • Books:

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