2023 Blogging Project Recap

In 2023, I attempted to write 100 posts of at least 100 words, inspired by some other blogging projects I saw promoted as part of the IndieWeb revival.

Unsurprisingly, I fell a little short. It’s unsurprising because there were some summer months where I really stepped away from this blog and only got maybe one entry in per month. Then there were weeks where I was finding and doing cool stuff I could write about in back to back days.

I used the hashtag to catalog my adventures. Review of that tag in my posts database shows 56 entries. So, I averaged just over one post a week for 2023, even though I know it was much more sporadically distributed than that. I’ll be retiring that tag for the foreseeable future; if I do another project like this, I’d like it to carve out it’s own journey.

In 2024, I won’t be holding myself to that standard, but I would like to continue to use this as a place for long form entries about things that interest me. Writing posts occasionally was a very freeing exercise, even though i’m not sure anyone ends up reading these.

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