Xiegu G90 with FLRig – Getting U-D mode on startup

An unexpected follow up to my last post.

One of the problems with newer versions of FLRig is that it seemingly causes my G90 to revert to the last non-data mode that FLRig was in. For me this is usually USB (Upper Sideband). This is because when I run FLRig with WSJT-X, I need to be in USB-Data mode on the G90, but FLRig doesn’t have a dedicated mode for USB-Data. We kind of have to trick it into thinking its in USB mode while actually running in USB-Data (U-D) mode.

This is a problem on earlier G90 firmware versions. But luckily, Xiegu must have heard some feedback on this problem and released head unit firmware version 1.8. This includes new CI-V commands which you can use to put the G90 into U-D mode remotely (via FLRig). Here is a forum post where I learned about this trick. For data archival sake, here is the crux of that post:

In Flrig enter into config, and select commands. 

I programmed button 1 and button 2 to send a custom CI-V command that is not natively an option from the drop down. 
In the box next to the label, enter the following for buttons 1 and 2, leave “SHIFT” blank
xFE xFE x70 xE0 x26 x00 x01 x01 x01 xFD 

xFE xFE x70 xE0 x26 x00 x00 x01 x01 xFD

The first one I labled as U-D and the second button I labeled as L-D. 

Close out of settings then go to tab 1 on the extended controls window. Now you can click those two buttons to switch to the digital modes which will enable the line in and line out over the 8pin connector.

What is even better than having two buttons you can use to swap between modes is having the correct mode selected on start up of FLRig. You can do that in the same commands menu in FLRig settings, you just need to select the “Start/Exit” tab. You would paste the command you want in one of the “Start” fields.

In case you are on Linux and want instructions on how to update the firmware (the official guide is for Windows only), here is a useful video by KM9G that details a tool by Dale Farnsworth called g90updatefw which is cross platform.

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