100 Days / At Least 100

Getting in tune with the has been very fulfilling for me. It solves a problem I had with the internet since about 2009 or 2010: there are like, ten big websites that everyone uses, and everything else is impossible to find unless linked from one of those ten websites. Many times if something is linked from a site like Reddit, it gets “hugged to death”.

An interesting project I saw recently was – a project that empowers users to create 100 days worth of content in one form or another. I think I’d like to try to participate, specifically with my blog, which has ebbed and flowed over the years with activity. There is a stretch between 2015 and 2022 where I probably wrote one post a year. Well, that’s fine – it’s always here.

I am defining my project as – that’s the tag you can use on this site specifically to find other articles as part of the project from this year. Taking a page out of Jeremy Keith’s blog, I am going to write at least 100 words per post. This one has already surpassed that; I will have shorter form content too. Occasionally, I hope to add more photos with a description of the setting.

Finally, a note. If you have fled Twitter (or large social media in general) and have a Mastodon, Pleroma/Akkoma, Misskey/Calckey, or other web account, you can follow this blog via adding @knovak@novakeith.net on your feed. Personally, you can reach me here: https://dartboard.social/knova

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