100 Days #34

Remember that whole 100 days project I was trying this year? Well, the problem is, if you go radio silent for weeks (or months!) at a time, you won’t achieve your goal.

In post #10 I outlined the timing of everything for various cases. The last day you could start this project to keep it in the same calendar year was September 22. We are exactly 1 month and 1 week after that. *BUT* – I started on January 15, so that date in 2024 would be my 365 day mark and as such, the cutoff. Additionally, I already have 34 posts written (as of this post) that qualify for the project.

So, if you are like, terminally distracted by the next shiny project that comes your way, have a little hope. For one, there is still time left in the year to make meaningful blog posts (I hope this one qualifies). And failing that, you can always change your due date, or try again next year.

(PS: 79 days left til my cutoff date of January 15, 2024, so I’m hoping to be posting a bit more frequently)

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