Musings on 14 Years of My Blog

At some point this year, I’ll have hit the 14 year point of this blog. This site existed in some form or another prior to 2009 (I think I registered the domain right in October 2007), but 2009 was when I swapped to a formal blog via WordPress. For the two years preceding that, I messed with coding my own solution in PHP, including a content management system where I could add new posts. I wish I still had the code, even if it would have been ugly and insecure by today’s standards.

On this incarnation of the site/blog, I have (currently) 73 posts spanning a period from April 2009 to January 2023, so far. I was very active in 2009, not so much in 2020, picked it back up in 2011, and things tapered off around 2014. Between 2015 and today, there have only been 18 pieces published – and at least two or three are just photos with minimal context.

My favorite posts are the ones where I published something that helped in some way. One in particular that comes to mind is the write-up I did regarding my (at the time) USB wireless dongle and getting it working on a hackintosh.  Or building an Ikea Rast Rack for my music equipment and modular synth gear. Going way back, this site was a running tally of all the music I created in college: my solo projects, my band tour, my first release.

If you’ve used this site in some way or another over the past 14 years, thanks! I hope you stick around. If you are a new reader (stumbled in from LinkedIn?) – I hope I catch your attention in some way, or provide a useful tip on something you are working on, or entertain you with my music. Thanks for being here.

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