Presonus Studio 1824c – Linux bounty

UPDATE: I’m probably an idiot; bounty cancelled! See here.

Hi, I outlined a rough challenge on my microblog feed, but I’m reposting it here and I’ll edit this post as things change:

I’d be willing to put up a bounty to the first developer who can get my audio interface (Presonus 1824c) working with linux. Some notes:

  • another dev has already got the smaller version of the audio interface (1810c) working and merged into the linux kernel, back in 2020 IIRC
  • I don’t think i’m the only one having this issue so I could try to coax people into a bigger prize for success
  • alsa sees it, lsusb sees it, it is just not recognized as an audio in/out source

#linux #audio #presonus

The research on this doesn’t go very deep. Here is a reddit post saying how the interface doesn’t work out of the box, but the poster mentions the ‘little brother’ interface had some unofficial support integrated into the Linux kernel. Presonus does not provide any linux support for their audio interfaces as far as I can tell.

Given that it is cheaper for me to put up a small amount of money vs. buy a new interface, that is exactly what I’ll do here:

The bounty / the rules:

I’m willing to pay $100 USD to the first person (or team) that can make the Presonus Studio 1824c work “out of the box” / “plug and play” in Linux. Cancelled 11/18 due to fix outlined here. I’m not entirely certain how this works at a system level but I imagine this would need to be some kind of kernel extension. The goal would be for a non-tech user to be able to install Linux and plug in the device via USB and get all functionality with the interface that they would receive if they were using it on OS X or Windows. I’ll also take partial support, though I’m not sure what that looks like – maybe a solution that requires a chain of steps to get the interface working would be counted as partial credit?

For the record, I use Debian 12 so that is what I’ll be basing any solution on.

Payout of the bounty can be through any medium I deem not sketchy (PayPal, Venmo, Ko-Fi are what I have setup currently, but I can look at other methods).

I am going to post this on the socials and see if anyone else would be interested in joining the bounty to raise the pot. Updates/progress that I receive will be amended to this blog post. If you want to contribute – please email me – my first name


The motivation is all the same stuff you hear from people leaving Windows for a Linux distribution: Microsoft doesn’t have great intentions at heart for it’s users, they are tracking you, there is bloatware included with Windows, evil corporation, etc.

I’m also motivated by not rushing out to buy something new if there is a potential software solution to make my existing gear work now.

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